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Skilled Physician Licensing Defense

Physicians have a lot to lose when a complaint is filed against them. One letter of inquiry with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice can lead to a slippery slope of issues, ending in a publicly tarnished reputation and decreased patient load. If the outcome of a hearing with the board is unfavorable, then their career may be threatened. Insurance companies may no longer work with them. Professional networks, facility and hospital credentials may be tarnished. With so much at stake, it is important to be proactive and address professional licensure issues immediately with the help of a professional license defense lawyer.

At Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC, we offer skilled and confidential legal representation for health care professionals. Our attorneys have a unique background of experience to assist you in your legal issues. Our founding attorney, Michael J. Weber was a Minnesota assistant attorney general on behalf of multiple health boards and currently works as an accomplished health law defense attorney. Mr. Weber offers direct skilled insight into multiple health boards’ investigation methods, strategies, conferences and administrative proceedings.

Nancy Lee Nelson provides a unique combination of experience as a licensed health care professional and as an accomplished health law attorney. Together, our team’s familiarity with healthcare business settings, practices and laws help us formulate an effective and individualized strategy for your case.

Focused On Preserving Your Hard-Earned Work

At Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC, we believe in a client-centered practice, and that means that we handle every case individually. We take the time to personally address every detail of your case. We will guide you through responses to the medical board, the investigative process and any hearings. We can also assist in medical board conferences, trials and even appeals.

Our attorneys understand the gravity of medical board proceedings. License loss includes more than just a professional title. Losing a physician license could mean wasting years of medical school, residency and more to build a professional practice. Our legal team will take every possible step to help you protect your hard work.

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We offer professional license defense services in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth and throughout Minnesota. Contact our office today to schedule a personal consultation with one of our attorneys. It is important to get started on a defense right away. Reach us by calling 612-296-8080, or fill out our online contact form.