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Care facility workers: Could you be sued?

| Nov 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

As an employee at a care facility, you appreciate how emotional the work can be. You provide care for someone who can no longer do so on their own. The care you provide may range anywhere from routine meal preparation to bathing and toileting. In providing this care, you must also manage the patient’s expectations as well as the expectations of the patient’s loved ones who monitor your work.

One thing that seems to unite all the visitors is a sense of guilt upon visiting. Guilt that they don’t spend enough time with their loved one or guilt that they should be taking care of this person themselves. Guilt, as we know, can lead people to act in unusual ways.

Employees who interact with patients are the face of the care facility, and sometimes, they become the target of accusations. As an employee, here are two common questions and answers that may serve as a guide for you in the unfortunate event that you face an accusation.

  • Am I protected against accusations?

Unlike some medical providers, you might not have medical malpractice insurance. As an employee, you may be covered under your employer’s insurance policy, however, that may not prevent someone from filing a lawsuit against you, personally.

  • Would my employer represent me in an investigation?

If someone accuses you or wrongdoing in some way, your employer will likely have a system in place to investigate. It is not, however, fair to assume that your employer will put your best interests first. Their primary goal is to contain the complaint and pacify the unhappy party. It would be in your very best interest to consult with an experienced attorney who would represent you in the investigation and any potential fallout.

The work done in care facilities across the U.S. is some of the hardest there is. It is a job that, all too often, goes with little thanks. Without the work that you are doing, however, our country would come to a grinding halt.

As a care provider working in a high stakes field like you are, it’s important to plan ahead. Although it’s unlikely that you will face a serious accusation, knowing how you would handle the situation ahead of time will provide you with the peace of mind to do your job.