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Why an attorney is invaluable for a board hearing

Every profession has paperwork you never want to see. In health care, a letter from the state licensing board is a serious matter that might put your career on the line. Every public-facing job experiences customer feedback, but a patient complaint to the board is nothing to take lightly.

Minnesota sues after health funding is slashed by $1 billion

If you’re a federal health care employee or benefit from low-income health care programs, the latest Trump administration reform could have a substantial effect on your life.

Abrupt and drastic cuts to the federal funding for basic health care programs are leaving some in the industry on edge. If you’re a provider, the cuts could affect the quality of care that you’ll be able to give to low-income patients. If you’re a resident benefiting from the program, your insurance coverage may be affected.

Minnesota dermatologist pays out $850,000 for false claims

A Minnesota dermatologist has agreed to pay $850,000 to settle allegations of false Medicare claims. The U.S. attorney’s office had accused the physician and his practice of falsely billing Medicare for dermatological procedures and services over the span of several years.

The doctor, who maintains offices in Burnsville, Edina, Orono and St. Cloud, came to federal and state prosecutors’ attention after a whistle-blower came forward. The individual who alerted authorities to the alleged fraud had been a physician working in the office.

3 ways medical practice owners can avoid privacy violations

As a healthcare practice owner, you are aware that patient information is protected by law. However, privacy violations can be easy to make. A simple mistake could cost your employees their license and hurt the reputation of your practice.

Whether you are opening a new private practice or you own an established treatment center, you can review a few methods to protect your patients’ rights. Good business strategy can help you avoid stressful lawsuits and expensive settlements.


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