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A Client-Centered Approach to Health Law

Guiding and Protecting Professionals and Health Care Entities by Our Health Law Attorney Team

Our Attorneys Are Uniquely Experienced To Defend Licensed Professionals

At Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC, we are distinctively positioned to protect the interests of licensed health care professionals. Known among members of the Minnesota professional licensure boards, we offer accomplished and experienced defense.

Michael J. Weber has over two decades of experience handling license disciplinary and health law cases. Mr. Weber was a Minnesota assistant attorney general in the Health Licensing Division, working on behalf of multiple health boards. Mr. Weber currently works to defend health care professionals facing disciplinary action and license revocation. His multifaceted professional and regulatory background gives clients deep insight into board proceedings.

Nancy Lee Nelson has almost 30 years of experience in Minnesota and national health law through her specialized health law work with UnitedHealthCare and another global health care company. Her legal knowledge is increased significantly by her background as a licensed health care professional and former director of a specialty clinic.

Together, Mr. Weber and Ms. Nelson bring something rare to Health Law and Health Professional Licensing Defense that provides exceptional benefit to their clients. Mr. Weber was the attorney for the various health professional boards in the Minnesota Attorney General’s health licensing division, and Ms. Nelson is a health law attorney and a health care professional. Together, from their extensive relevant legal experience, Ms. Nelson and Mr. Weber understand the challenges that clients face from both regulatory and health professional practice perspectives.

Moreover, our attorneys are committed to the best legal outcome possible through diligence and resourcefulness!

Our Attorneys Provide Quality Analysis And Knowledgeable Responses To Health Law Issues

Weber & Nelson Law Office, PLLC, offers a knowledgeable and uniquely experienced team for health law counsel and professional license defense in Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth and throughout Minnesota. Our firm can provide quality legal analyses and responses to health care legal issues around the state. Our practice also allows us to provide personal attention for each client’s issues. We stand out as uniquely experienced health law attorneys who are truly dedicated to each client’s success.

The health care industry regularly faces changes to safety, privacy and policy guidelines. We help licensed health care professionals, practices, groups and facilities understand and follow laws and regulations. The industry is inherently high risk, meaning that professionals and organizations alike face liability and risk. It is our goal to provide quality representation to protect and defend our clients as they face legal issues.

Health care businesses face unique challenges in organizing, forming and managing their businesses. It is beneficial to receive counsel from an attorney who understands the intricacies of running a business in the health care industry. We have experience with national and Minnesota-based public health organizations, giving us insight into the complex nature of running a health care business.

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